Early morning drive in Kenya (Great Rift Valley) – Africa Part V

This is the fifth and probably the final part of my visit to Kenya. In June 2015, I had a chance to attend a conference and was in Nairobi for a week. Check out the previous posts here:

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After the conference in Nairobi, we had the weekend off. We took the help of Africa Safariland Tours (Webpage). Although slightly expensive, they were really good. The guide was very informative and was willing to accommodate our requests with a big smile :). I would highly recommend this for anyone planning a trip.

Our departure from Nairobi was early morning on Saturday. The idea was to drive from Nairobi to our accommodation at Naivasha while visiting the Lake Naivasha (Boat trip) and the Hell’s Gate National Park.

We left at about 7am. Even though it was late June, the weather was foggy and chilly. The drive took us a few hours and we passed through large areas of coffee plantations.

Nairobi Nakuru highway

Coffe plantation, Nairobi

Our first stop was a Church built by Italian Prisoners of War during the WWII. It was a small, quaint church on the roadside. What struck me the most was the motto on top of the church – ‘Stat Crux Dum Volvitur Orbis’. The cross is steady while the world turns.

After a brief stopover, we resumed our journey. When I initially go to know about the trip to Kenya, there was one place I really wanted to see. I read a lot about it and wanted to see in person and I wasn’t disappointed. After traveling through coffee plantations, it was an amazing sight when the highway led us to this.

Great rift valley onward

At Great Rift Valley, Nairobi

The Great Rift Valley – a continuous geological trench running about 6000 km from Lebanon to Mozambique. The part we visited was along the Nairobi Nakuru highway. As we were quite early, it was still a little bit foggy and we couldn’t see much farther. However, the view was amazing. There are a few restaurants at the ‘view point‘ which served good coffee along with Mendoza? – a flat bread which tastes slightly similar to Indian Naan.

We spent about half hour, clicking pictures, eating and shopping for souvenirs. We continued experiencing the view for about 20 minutes more till we reached the valley. The journey ended when we reached the Lake Naivasha. We saw the rift valley again on our way back to Nairobi the next day. As it was noon, we had a better view! A truly breathtaking experience!

Great rift valley on returnGreat rift valley

Some other pics:



Hope you enjoyed reading and seeing the pictures. Good luck with your travel to Kenya! Thanks for stopping by.

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