An eventful arrival in Kenya (Africa Part I)

Seeing a double rainbow for the first time before boarding a plane only meant one thing – The trip is gonna be exciting! It sure was…

Double rainbow at Arlanda airport
Double rainbow at Arlanda airport

Africa (Day 01)

It all started with the inflight menu. I took the Ethiopian Airlines flight from Stockholm to Nairobi via Addis Ababa. Based on my past experiences, I always order vegetarian meal before departing. Only this time, they said they never received such a request. In the end, I ended up eating bread and some sort of tomato paste.

The day only got weirder when the airlines misplaced my luggage in Addis and I did not get my suitcase in Nairobi. 24 hours waiting time and I had no other set of clothes for a meeting the next day.

Then, the airlines refused to change my return ticket – for no reason apart from bad internet connection 😦

And to top it all, couple of police officers tried to extort money from me outside the Nairobi airport. Sensing that I was a foreigner walking alone, they started asking for my passport, visa, accommodation, flight, vaccination details etc. It was so obvious that they were trying to find a way to make me pay. After interrogating for a full 10 minutes, they let me go. Remember: Always have your passport and vaccination documents with you!

I can go on forever: no pin converter for charging, getting stuck in traffic for 3 hours, loud noises from construction work beside the accommodation and the worst sin of all – forgetting the camera charger on my first trip to Africa. Duh!

Traffic in Nairobi
Traffic in Nairobi
Traffic in Nairobi
Traffic in Nairobi

As for the positives, there are many. People are so friendly – always smiling and waving. Even though there is a considerable Indian population in Nairobi, people still wanted to take photos with the Indian on the street. Couple of times the conversation went like this:
Stranger: Hey, you from India?

Me: Yes 🙂

Stranger: Aah. Good. Shah Rukh Khan eh. Lets take a picture!

Me: Ha ha. Yes of course!

The end result was few group photos with strangers. Also, everyone speaks English. The food was amazing – lot of options for vegetarians. The best part was the nature. The city is so green – trees everywhere. And as for the wildlife,  animals were grazing together beside the streets – zebras, donkeys, cows, sheep, goats and so on. Life is so colourful 🙂

Welcome to Africa!!

Giraffe.. Yayy!
Giraffe.. Yayy!
Public transport in Nairobi
Public transport in Nairobi

Part II and III will be about the field trips to few biogas plants, an animal orphanage in the city and a memorable safari to Lake Naivasha via the Great Rift Valley.!


  1. Looking forward to the next parts buddy 🙂 But construction noises are relevant enough to be written in a blog, by an Indian, really? 🙂 Have a blast.

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