About Us

Bharadwaj and Sindhu –  Reluctant Wanderlusts! 


We are a couple from Hyderabad, India who love traveling. Since getting married in August 2016, we visited about 8 countries (China, Spain, Finland, Japan, Sweden, Estonia, Ukraine, Germany) and have many more in the pipeline. We love exploring cities, learning about history, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. Good (vegetarian) food, pleasant (warm) weather and scenic sites (nature/monuments) drive us.

In our professional lives, I work at a NGO promoting renewable energy while she is currently learning Swedish. We both live in Stockholm.

Disclaimer: All the photos I use in this website are our own. If you find any photo which you want to use for personal/commercial purposes, drop in a mail to kummamurubhardwaj@gmail.com


  1. Upgrading to website, eh?

    Actually, I’m working on establishing my website too (fotovoltaisme.com), but, unfortunately for you, it’s in Bahasa Indonesia. Well, great minds think alike. 🙂

    Let’s sainani the world.

  2. Hej.. thanks for stopping by and following..
    hmm.. interesting question.. maybe not for me.. for me, no matter where i travel, it feels special to come back to a place i can call home! How about you?

  3. Baradwaj

    These trips can make for short stories in a travelogue. Keep your adventures, exploits, whatever going on….


  4. Nice to virtually meet you Bharadwaj! Bless those borderless European countries and a career that requires you to travel 🙂 I look forward to reading more about your adventures 🙂

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